What does one expect from a memoir of a relationship? This one goes beyond the normal confines of a love “story” as it chronicles the relationship between the young writer and her partner who is twice her age in a completely refreshingly non-chronological way. She describes the essence of their relationship in brutally honest terms. It takes you through their relationship without being voyeristic at all, engaging in some simple and some deep philosophical meanderings. Given her literature background, there is a generous striking of literary quotes and references!

This is a book where the delicate sensual prose is all pervasive whether she is describing love, eating or the mere act of living! It elevates common actions and feelings to a pedestal where only good language can take them. Writing erotic fiction or a love memoir may seem easy, but when these coincide with a personal memoir, laying the self bare in a society like ours takes a lot of risk and courage. In this case, I believe that the risk has paid off!

I would say read this book if you want to devour some really good writing while getting a glimpse into the life of a young modern Indian woman- a woman who is clear about her demands and desires even while she negotiates her way into the relationship, celebrating the transient with great aplomb!

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