What is a five-letter word that many women dread?


Seems counterintuitive…but it isn’t.

Look around you. You will see many women who have made it big in professions that used to be dominated by men. But, when it comes to handling finances, saving and investing, there seems to be a kind of low confidence among women who are otherwise seasoned professionals. They would rather leave it to their husbands, fathers and sons, to manage their money.

It is hightime someone demystified money and concepts related to saving, investing and financial management.

The book, “Money Smart” by Reenita Malhotra Hora and Divya Vij makes a really good attempt at this and manages to reach out to women who consider themselves novices in the world of finance and wealth management.

The language used in the book is very simple and lucid, and concepts of wealth management have been presented in a very clear and non-threatening manner.

The book is divided into sections that talk about savings, growing money, different instruments of investment, planning a portfolio, illiquid investments, investing in gold, property, art, understanding taxes as well as decoding the budget.

Of course, as time passes the facts and figures quoted in the book may change (such as interest rates etc..) but the essence and principles still remain intact.

It is basically an easy to follow guide for a novice. Written by women themselves, it somehow has a very understanding tone when it comes to recognising the unique financial issues/apprehensions/beliefs faced by the Indian women (our obsession with gold for instance!).

True empowerment is not only about the ability to create wealth and spend it, but in being confident and knowledgeable about how to grow it and make it work for you! This book could be a great first-step towards that goal!

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