DhanishtaProfilepicI once read somewhere that “writing is making sense of experiences”, and I believe this aptly describes why I write. I have always been writing in some form or the other, but it is since 2007, that I became a “published” freelancer. What’s more, this conveniently coincided with the birth of my son.

In my work over the years, I have explored and devoured a range of genres such as education, architecture, lifestyle, fashion, art, literature, people-profiling, parenting, health, travel, specialist areas such as watches, trade publications and so on. My work has been published in various newspaper supplements and magazines such as DNA, HT Brunch, Times of India, Home Review, Jade, Education Times, Parents Today, Mother and Baby, Parent and Child, Harmony, BTW and Complete Wellbeing.

I have also taken up some very interesting copywriting assignments. I am currently writing content for three watch magazines, all of them a part of the Watch Market Review group. I am also pursuing a course on writing fiction for children, and I do hope to add a “Books” section to this site very soon!

This website is not only a portfolio of select published articles but also a platform to present my work, thoughts and musings. Through this site, it is my humble aim to provide curated food for thought infused with my unique point of view for my readers.

I continue to seek interesting projects in both print and digital arenas and thus keep-up the love-affair with writing!